28-29 November, 2017 / KHANTY – MANSIYSK
II International humanitarian forum "Civil initiatives of the 60th parallel regions"
The Government of the
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
Okrug - Ugra
Autonomous institution
of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra
Center "Open Region"

Goals and objectives
First international platform for strategic,
humanitarian and educational discussions
The goal of the Forum is to promote the development of civil society and formation of a unique international humanitarian platform for interaction between science and practice on civil participation in the development of the Arctic regions and the North.
Establishment of the international "Charter of citizen participation in the development of the Arctic and the North regions"
Exchange of experience on participation of representatives of indigenous people of the North in civil society development in the regions of the Arctic and Northern territories
Presentation, discussion and identification of best practices of non-profit organizations (NGOs), assisting to its replication
Transmission of the experience of public institutions on fighting extremism, ethnic and religious intolerance
Promotion of the principles and methods of strategic, project and incremental administration of NGO activities
Discussions with leading experts in different spheres of civil society, who possess the best practices in NGOs development
Creation of favorable conditions for development of volunteer movement
Development of unified communication environment, including digital technologies, which unites representatives of NGOs, the business community, bodies of state and municipal authorities
Promotion of the supporting processes of citizen’s participation in making state and municipal solutions
Concert & Theater Center "UGRA-CLASSIC"
28-29 November, 2017 / Ханты-Мансийск

The business component of the Forum includes business meetings, panel discussions, exchange of experience in grant support of civil initiatives, strategic meetings, round tables to address the further development of the Forum and elaboration of the "Charter of citizen participation in the development of the Arctic and North regions".

The educational component of the Forum program is formed in several thematic training streams, routing by leading experts, based on the main strategic directions of development of civil society.